Full Circle Counseling Services, LLC

Do I Need Counseling?

Are these statements TRUE or FALSE for you?

1. I am concerned about a behavior, feeling, or something I am doing.

2. This behavior/feeling has been getting worse in the past few weeks.

3. I have tried stopping or reducing this behavior/feeling on my own.

4. My attempts at stopping/reducing this behavior/feeling have not been successful.

5. My friends or family have tried to help, but it doesn’t change.

6. I am finding it more difficult to cope with things than before.

7. Something happened in my life that is upsetting me.

8. I like to think things through or talk about things that bother me.

9. I have talked to my family doctor or healthcare staff about the situation that’s troubling me.

10. I have read books or went on the Internet to discover more about what’s troubling me.

11. I’ve been in therapy before and it’s helped me.

If you answered TRUE to 6 or more questions, you may need the support and guidance of a mental health professional. You may be dealing with a problem in your life that is new, more challenging, or deeper than anything you have ever experienced before. People in these situations often find that talking things over with a therapist can help them get back on track.