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Deana Zuluaga, MS

Pre-Licensed Professional

I graduated from New Hampshire University with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in child & adolescent developmental psychology.

I have nearly 5 years’ experience working firsthand with children & families helping them find a way through challenges of life. I believe each person has their own story that shapes their life experiences. Through my work, I strive to foster a safe space where clients & families can share their story, gain insight into how it has impacted them, and together, create a reality that is more enjoyable. With compassion and dedication, I utilize many therapeutic approaches such as CBT.


If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, transitions and adjustments, identity development, parenting skills, or family communication....

I can help to find a way through these challenges and offer hope in your story.

I am bilingual and can provide services in Spanish.

Soy bilingüe y puedo brindar servicios en español.

In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, journaling, traveling, and spending time with my children.

Under the Supervision of: 

Elizabeth Fields, LMHC