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Why Self Pay?

Insurance companies dictate almost everything about treatment

Self-pay is a fixed rate for a specific service. These rates are usually determined based on the years of experience, additional training, and special certifications. Self-pay visits are not billed through insurance.

In a world full of insurance, self-pay can seem unreasonable if you have health insurance to use. Most people believe they cannot afford to pay without insurance. That may be true for some but it’s a better option than you might expect. Below are reasons to self pay.

  • Self-pay Rates Can Be Cheaper: If you have a high deductible insurance plan it may cost less to self-pay. The rate you pay toward your deductible is a negotiated rate set by your insurance plan, the self-pay rate may be lower than what your insurance rate is.
  • There will be a Mental Health Diagnosis when Using Insurance: When a claim is filed with the insurance company the counselor must submit a diagnosis for that visit. This information becomes part of your medical record and may be accessed by other medical providers. By paying a self-pay rate, no diagnosis is submitted to insurance and this is not accessible by other medical providers without a signed release.
  • The Counseling Records are Not fully Confidential when using insurance: Insurance companies and other third-party payers (such as EAPs) are given information that they request regarding services with a client. Information that may be requested, but is not limited to: types of service, dates/times of service, diagnosis, treatment plans, description of impairment, progress of therapy, and summaries. This is non-negotiable if insurance and/or other third-party payers have paid for the counseling services. The information must be disclosed when requested.
  • More Freedom with Self Pay: When filing with insurance companies, there are always of the limits of what can be provided. Insurance companies dictate almost everything about treatment: the location of a session, the length of sessions, how many people are in a session, in office, by phone, video sessions, and whether they will pay depends on the mental health diagnosis.

Self pay Advantages:

  • Records are 100% confidential & private
  • No Diagnosis: Counselors do not have to diagnose a self pay client. If they do they do they are able to keep it completely confidential.
  • Services are more accessible; wait lists to use insurance can be months.
  • Counselors can utilize the type of treatment they think is best without restriction; they can see a client for as many sessions needed. Not the number determined by insurance companies.
  • Best Fit: When seeking a counselor, it's important to work with a counselor who is an expert in treating the specific issues that the client is experiencing, not because they're on their insurance list.